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STILAS’ primary purpose is to meet the changing needs of growing businesses and multi-national corporations by providing centrally managed, integrated professional services. Leveraging key resources for business, law, security, marketing and cross-border transactions, we combine experts from a wide spectrum of professional specialties.

Whether a client needs business development, infrastructure support, facilitation in commercial trading of goods and products, classic legal or security services, or more advanced or customized solutions, STILAS is well equipped to make results happen for your company. Our goal is to be your reliable partner in enhancing your company’s growth, strength and competitiveness.

Detailed professional knowledge in any area of business, government, or any sphere of life can be critical to any project at any time. Our network of diverse resources, and strategic presence in multiple territories, empowers our clients to resolve even the most challenging international situations. Our policy is to provide both large and small businesses with higher quality work product which meets the standards of national security structures.

Our mission is to help growing companies identify and counter hidden threats to business and employee safety, protect assets and critical infrastructure, and ensure business continuity in the face of today’s challenges. Modern security threats such as industrial espionage, organized crime, and even terrorism are ultimately financially motivated, and primarily target economic stability. That’s why we go further, and do more, to use integrated legal, business, investigative and forensic resources to provide a “new generation” of economic security services.